Thursday, 21 October 2010

Gay Toast - Is there actually Gay Toast?

Toast : Strange universal Food

Toast -Songs have been written about it.
Toast -Almost anything can go on with it
Toast -plain sweet or savoury, brown bread, rye bread, rolls, white bread, croissants, bagels...and the list goes on.

If we stop and think of people we know or see , do we think what sort of Toast person they are.
Do they cut it into squares, rectangles, fingers, triangles. Is it bagel with cheese, toast and marmelade? scrambled egg on toast with croissant?
What do they put on it? When do they eat it?How much to they eat of it? How do they cook it?

Stop. I wasnt talking about Toast....

Understanding comes from details sometimes. You may not know you understand. But you may know ALL you need to to make a better place for all.

I leave you with the preponderances ensuing from the above.

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