Friday, 15 October 2010

A normal day?

A wierd day of sorts.
We gave out the invitations to a general meeting, 380 of them . I was offered a bookshelf, which is being "reserved " for me to cart halfway across the universe. The dog every time I swear at the PC for network blips, comes running thinking its him I talking to - even though he's a Very Happy Dog.
I ate prawns earlier for the first time in "yonks" and not sure of their pedigree - although combined with other stuff they met requirements adequately.
I went into a music mode. Emailing a friend some tunes.

The other thing about today was it was a Fantastic Friday - or supposed to be. I ordered that from the cosmos, and it was a day no more or less ordinary than most of this week - apart from the "big" emails all stopped about 11.30 am....which was truly welcomed.

I discovered a latent skill inside me for patience today, with a persistent aggravator of my nerves actually not aggravating me today.

I achieved several things targeted for today. One was to "share something", other was to "do something for the better good" and last was "do something for me" and so the three things although not of equal proportion, did exist, there still seems a bit of "hold on, wait a minute, did I miss something" - I checked. My tablets were taken this morning, the dog's been walked twice, food is adequately available for him.... then I thought------- PEOPLE. So people have been here on an off, and off and on......OH And I ate THREE times today. (not sure who does that, but I was told thats quite normal)

Music took me for a while, and a laugh with twitter, along with the platitudes and joviality and standard interactions.

Funny strange day.........or is that a STANDARD day when you lose your unlimited pass to bohemia? Life I salute your complexity, no matter how weak the expression in the written word can describe it.

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