Friday, 15 October 2010

Now whoever wants to know what one of, if not the main focus of life is about, take a quick look at a semi profile pic of my HOUND, a Rough English Beagle. - Not pure beagle, but historically they didnt have a pure breed. (until kennel club defined it) Fit, Focused, Firm-of-purpose Hound dog (he doesnt hunt - apart from for my food, gave up chasing squirrels when he bumped into a tree, doesnt pursue ownership ferociously of stuff - a tame wolf by any count)

The thing is - some people say I focus too much on him. Well........ Theres a reason I rescued an almost skeleton pirhana style dog from the dogs home, his profile now is fit-as-fuck (excuse the phraseology) And bites nothing unless absolutely neccessary. Quite a Transformation, and quite a rescue job from me.

This man will say HELLO. not snarl, unless you are deemed as a mean fucker! He hates "bad people" and can spot them , but only sometimes, due to my weakness to do so, and my faith that "all is good" unless proved otherwise.

The energy of a dog surely comes from its owner, IF they get hold of the dogs psyche via understanding. This man could be a rip/ tear merchant. He isnt.

Can I say to everyone that may read this. Dogs DESERVE good owners, and should be taken from bad owners that dont have the understanding to make the Dog / Human relationship work.