Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dog Walking/ Validity

I dont understand why when you walk your dog..........

People say hello (they dont when dog not there)

People spill family secrets .my last dog was....

People Brag ---- one young chap said "I owned a ridgeback cross.blah de blah de. blah"

The dog before this one I owned was an English Bull Mastiff. And with him they didnt do the same palaver......

IF I have a dog on the lead...... Life changes, no matter what dog it is.......

So why if I like and own dogs, am i different than anyone else?

So many non dog owners are amazed at commitment to a dog.

I walk with and without the dog.

So why am I more attractive WITH a dog than without.

That ALWAYS amazes me... all my life.

This is a confused comment on Who People Actually Are...

Shall we not say hello to people even if they DONT have a dog with them.

((((((((((((just a thought))))))))))))

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