Friday, 24 June 2016

Some views on Brexit, by Jules

The never before evoked article 50 of Lisbon treaty is getting a huge amount of whats possible or not speculations. Any laid procedures regarding this, havent been tested as efficatious (how DO you spell that word?) or indeed in any practical way.
Last night I deliberately stopped watching BBC Dimbleby steering it as all the fault of Corbyn ,in disgust, as Corbyn had honourable and correct position IMHO.
And so the pundits such as Dimbleby, lead to Bandwagonning opportunists to rise and say ignore the labour membership wishes for who is leader, usurping the partys own democratic election, which was far more democratic election than the conservatives.
There is a thing where scapegoating as a word comes to mind. Those hoisting upon Corbyn, i believe are projecting their own inadequacies. But those doing scapegoating, i suspect include many of the labour brexiters, if not all the labour brexiters anyway.
Now, theres probably at least 2 yrs and a quarter, until the exit where virtually nothing will change, the casino bankers are messing with livelihoods and currencies worldwide.
At whose feet does this lie. Let me begin a bit on that.
One : Media/ right wing. Fuelling dissent and hatreds, i think you know in what areas.
Two: Media: In allowing a non MP of a right wing party to have such a huge platform for so long.
Three: Cameron. And the Conservatives, for pandering to this, and allowing the media to create a populist position to exit. Surmise the reasons yourselves.
Four: Campaign lies from Brexit/ Leave. Two main of their promises can never be fulfilled, namely the NHS spending promise, and the Immigration promise.
Five: Regional Economic Neglect by this Government fuelling a lets kick the establishment focus, rather than a national interest focus, in swages of the population.
Six : relatedly, the failure to address escalating inequality in UK demographics..which, by all reasonable looking at is down to the Conservatives
Seven: Conservative manifesto promise, to have a referendum, laid at Cameron's door, as leading that election manifesto, presenting it, and further, allowing it to happen.
So I leave this really quite unfinished piece with
This situation CLEARLY isnt anything to do with the Right Honourable Mr Jeremy Corbyn, MP, And Leader of The Labour Party. It may have something, and no doubt it does, with the abject deference by some in the party to blairite principles of new labour, which , the membership had wholehearted rejected by electing Corbyn to Lead the party.
Their disrespect, and their reticence may well have contributed to all this.
Surmising. The Raising of a No Confidence Vote in Corbyn has no justification in my opinion, other than to satiate the needs of some to feel "blameless" within the party.
Well, I hope that makes some sort of sense.
All the best. Jules.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Helpyland ... That place where shit happens..

So Gary, who has MS, 18mnths ago was to have an operation , 
went in for that and Not What he went in for was done, 
and that didnt work, 
and in july has what shouldve been done 18Month ago. 

He feels he has a negligence case if july "works" when the other didnt, because if july works on what it should, it shows , in his mind, a negligence, someone I know will write it all up, I'll assist, and we'll seek legal on it. I
F JULY works on the thing its supposed to. 
This is complex.
Them, Another, and I, will present best case and seek legal on it.