Saturday, 21 May 2016

Poem: Bigotry

If only you knew
What i could do
Would you
But if you did
Would you lift the lid
And be done with this fucking bigotry.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Telephone number requited to progress on website? NOPE. Look

Have you ever filled in a form on screen, and it asked for your telephone number, and you didn't want to give it because there's no point in them calling you, but the form insists that you provide a number? There may be a simple answer if you are in the UK. Just enter the number 0333 8888 8888 (last '8' is not needed, but makes it easier to remember). If somebody rings this number they will be told that you don't want to be contacted by telephone and please use another way of contacting you. 
This is a service provided by TrueCall. They don't mind

Sunday, 15 May 2016

On ESA and PIP forms < this works

This will be a short post but I think a surprisingly necessary one.

I have a piece of advice for everyone filling in PIP and ESA forms:

If you have access to a computer YOU CAN TYPE ALL YOUR ANSWERS OUT, SAVE IT AND PRINT. The form makes it look like you have to handwrite your answers onto the space provided – which is not only difficult and painful for many of us, it also makes it difficult to retain records of what your answers were.


Friday, 13 May 2016

Poem : The Mood With No Name

There may not be enuf booze for this mood. ... 
Its not a strange mood....
Not a weird mood...
Its a flat mood....
Its a what? 
Its a mood...
A mood with no name... 
Its not a mood to describe as fine...
Its not a mood to describe as grim..
Tis flat, a mood...
A mood with no name.


The One where I said no, for reasons...

Email in.
A request for assistance on a package of stuffs.
I worked out woulda cost me DVD, time to do it, taxi, three letters, and a couple of bits. Told them.
Them then replied? "Okay, cant do that"< Meaning they wouldnt cover expenses.

Me then? "so if you cant pay that cost, nor can I." 

It was relatively small sum, in some peoples lives they maynt have blinked, nodded and got on with it - but to me it matters, and i cant justify on that.

Not being selfish there, cos if you add up LOTS of occurrences on different things..... can you see? And im under no definition of selfish, not selfish at all.

I woudve had to do a Powerpoint, 
burn to THREE discs actually, and send three places it. So yeah COST. Also woulda needed taxi, and other bits..for another bit of it.

Plus one bit i'd also need new shoes, and to unmothball a suit (not literally, its hung in t'wardrobe) and thats "Not On The Programme"

Can you see why the Costs or nowt decision was made? Im sure you can.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Meeting people ....

Also amazing local man i met yesterday when out with dog. He was stopped, with a stick, and so I asked whether he was OKAY.
The mans name Malcolm. 
Malcolm proceeded to tell me the whole of his health issues and memory problems since he'd had a recent stroke. Without invite or question asked by me, just the are you okay? 
He explained he NEEDED to tell me this in case i met him again, and if at that time he was confused. He Knew I lived very close by to where we met, and I didnt ask him where his address was, but it must be fairly local.
He went as far as telling me the frustrations when people give up talking to him as he loses words, and to him he often cries at these times. He said too that itd been three months and that his brain was working it all out by working and scaffolding around the broken bit(s).
But if I'd not asked him was he okay.. none of that wouldve been talked about by him..
So know I know. I'll keep eye open to see him again and see if he's alright.
We did walk a way together, and he said thanks for listening. He'd forgotten my name, and said he'd say hello next time as he'd link me and dog together.
That was an extraordinary, and random meeting.

Monday, 9 May 2016

The one where i talk abouht tight arsed f*krs


Heres a thing 
when you have little spare cash, 

on your own, 

and visit a discount shelf/section/trolley/offer...

 When you see a Cunt sweeping that shelf section or trolley 

muttering yup, freezer, yup , yup. ooh yes, and ahh that!
.. and buying almost whole shelf or section or trolley and you cant get close, as they and a possible entourage are blocking you to get one /two items you want? 

...and they buy a shit load more than you can buy in one purchase. Thems the tight arsed fukrs i dont like. Cos in their lives they dont help people, or give a shit about others. Thats my best guess on people like that.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

That one where people try to... whatever it is called...

Im feeling a bit that yesterday, as like many days, i was like a watered-down version that is further diluted to maintain social acceptance. I dont know how to break that.

And being told i dont go enuf places or do enuf stuff... and allsorts of  stuff like that, from two people irl and that You are Becoming a Hermit.. that bit stuck in my head. What am i supposed to do?

Safety first... and yep. They said too i didnt recognise danger , and put myself in spots that are really dangerous? so on one hand Dont do, and on the other hand Do do stuff. Totally perplexing.

As i DO recognise danger. Often. So this is now an AAAAAARGH in my head. And shouldnt be.

Oh and a tiny thing, that sticks out too... I fixed a lappy when i was out, and gave several advice things too... but there were, sounds silly this bit, 19 credits on the jukebox, unused, where several had stored them up for later use as if they owned the jukebox. I assumed that me putting a quid in to select 4 would be alright, leaving still 19 credits on the machine. I was shouted down from doing it , at quite close range too,BEFORE i even got the quid in the machine.  I dont think thats normal, do you? Maybe i have the wrong view and everyone's right that i should just fit in and kowtow to lowest common denominators etc. But i am not sure they actually are.