Friday, 13 May 2016

The One where I said no, for reasons...

Email in.
A request for assistance on a package of stuffs.
I worked out woulda cost me DVD, time to do it, taxi, three letters, and a couple of bits. Told them.
Them then replied? "Okay, cant do that"< Meaning they wouldnt cover expenses.

Me then? "so if you cant pay that cost, nor can I." 

It was relatively small sum, in some peoples lives they maynt have blinked, nodded and got on with it - but to me it matters, and i cant justify on that.

Not being selfish there, cos if you add up LOTS of occurrences on different things..... can you see? And im under no definition of selfish, not selfish at all.

I woudve had to do a Powerpoint, 
burn to THREE discs actually, and send three places it. So yeah COST. Also woulda needed taxi, and other bits..for another bit of it.

Plus one bit i'd also need new shoes, and to unmothball a suit (not literally, its hung in t'wardrobe) and thats "Not On The Programme"

Can you see why the Costs or nowt decision was made? Im sure you can.

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