Thursday, 12 May 2016

Meeting people ....

Also amazing local man i met yesterday when out with dog. He was stopped, with a stick, and so I asked whether he was OKAY.
The mans name Malcolm. 
Malcolm proceeded to tell me the whole of his health issues and memory problems since he'd had a recent stroke. Without invite or question asked by me, just the are you okay? 
He explained he NEEDED to tell me this in case i met him again, and if at that time he was confused. He Knew I lived very close by to where we met, and I didnt ask him where his address was, but it must be fairly local.
He went as far as telling me the frustrations when people give up talking to him as he loses words, and to him he often cries at these times. He said too that itd been three months and that his brain was working it all out by working and scaffolding around the broken bit(s).
But if I'd not asked him was he okay.. none of that wouldve been talked about by him..
So know I know. I'll keep eye open to see him again and see if he's alright.
We did walk a way together, and he said thanks for listening. He'd forgotten my name, and said he'd say hello next time as he'd link me and dog together.
That was an extraordinary, and random meeting.

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