Saturday, 7 May 2016

That one where people try to... whatever it is called...

Im feeling a bit that yesterday, as like many days, i was like a watered-down version that is further diluted to maintain social acceptance. I dont know how to break that.

And being told i dont go enuf places or do enuf stuff... and allsorts of  stuff like that, from two people irl and that You are Becoming a Hermit.. that bit stuck in my head. What am i supposed to do?

Safety first... and yep. They said too i didnt recognise danger , and put myself in spots that are really dangerous? so on one hand Dont do, and on the other hand Do do stuff. Totally perplexing.

As i DO recognise danger. Often. So this is now an AAAAAARGH in my head. And shouldnt be.

Oh and a tiny thing, that sticks out too... I fixed a lappy when i was out, and gave several advice things too... but there were, sounds silly this bit, 19 credits on the jukebox, unused, where several had stored them up for later use as if they owned the jukebox. I assumed that me putting a quid in to select 4 would be alright, leaving still 19 credits on the machine. I was shouted down from doing it , at quite close range too,BEFORE i even got the quid in the machine.  I dont think thats normal, do you? Maybe i have the wrong view and everyone's right that i should just fit in and kowtow to lowest common denominators etc. But i am not sure they actually are.

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