Monday, 9 May 2016

The one where i talk abouht tight arsed f*krs


Heres a thing 
when you have little spare cash, 

on your own, 

and visit a discount shelf/section/trolley/offer...

 When you see a Cunt sweeping that shelf section or trolley 

muttering yup, freezer, yup , yup. ooh yes, and ahh that!
.. and buying almost whole shelf or section or trolley and you cant get close, as they and a possible entourage are blocking you to get one /two items you want? 

...and they buy a shit load more than you can buy in one purchase. Thems the tight arsed fukrs i dont like. Cos in their lives they dont help people, or give a shit about others. Thats my best guess on people like that.

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