Sunday, 2 June 2013

Justified Irritability. (Includes swearing)

What is it with people? 

Just out with dog and he Shat. 

Dogs do that. 

Woman walked right by, I had a pick up bag IN MY HAND and dogs not quite finished...

she looks me straight in face, and talks to woman next to her "I bet he dont pick that up cunt" 
(Please notice her action and her swearing in my face) 

So I says " "Hold on lady, he aint fucking finished yet, oh and whats this fucking bag in my hand for"

 Really was no need for her to do that was there. 

And yes Politeness went out the window in my reply. 

She was grey haired looked about early sixties. And no, i wasnt wrong to swear at old lady that did *that*

After my *reply* there was *no* apology as she walked rather arrogantly away.

No "sorry, i didnt see the pick up bag in your hand". no nothing.

Really annoyed me that did. Seriously.

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