Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Save The NHS - 1st April Campaign

Armchairarmy 1st Chairborne Division (Twitter Campaign) supporting the NHS
·         Over 60 years ago the NHS was created during the aftermath of the 2nd  World War, (see Archive video below including an interview of William Beveridge) in spite of the country having massive debts. It was started because of an ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth. The central principles were clear: the health service would be available to all and financed entirely from taxation, which meant that every tax payer contributed to it.
·         Along the way there have been many changes but the changes that the present government are intent on bringing about will be huge and devastating.
·         Remember Cameron’s words before the election ‘I'll cut the deficit, not the NHS’ but already there have been more than 50,000 potential job cuts announced across the country.
·         This government like nothing more than using the words ‘freedom’,‘choice’ & ‘liberation’. But don’t be fooled. Just as they want to ‘free’people from the ‘shackles’ of public sector jobs so they can become entrepreneurs, their insistence that their changes will bring patients more choice, is just a cover for their ideological driven policies.
·         Everyone has benfitted in some way from this valuable institution so please join the Armchair Army on 1st April to email the media and fight for our NHS.
On Friday 1st April the TUC have called for a day of action across the country. Our day of action will be online. Please support us in our online email campaign.
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  1. This bill provides the anti-cuts movement with it's biggest chance yet to bring the precariously balanced coalition tumbling to the ground. Lib Dem AND Conservative MPs have come out against the bill already, as have key representative bodies for health workers (BMA, RCN, RCGPs). With the AV referendum planned for May (and the Bill's third hearing in late May or June), a No vote would show Lib Dems that they no longer have an incentive to hold up the government intent on privatisation and wealth for the few. THERE IS EVERY CHANCE THAT THIS BILL WONT GET THROUGH. We have two months to create an environment in which rebellion is justified. We start tomorrow. NHS Direct Action

  2. This HASNT ENDED you can send Emails at ANYTIME. Latest is a Government "PAUSE" for Easter consultation. Get your emails in.

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  4. To: Wafeperu This isnt stopping - Is still valid. Everyone can mail when they want. There is going to be several campaigns on this blog. Latest is Manchester, Levenshulme actions, and what they are doing.