Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Paramount Wishes

A thing of thought here:
I see a lot of on-line Missing Person pleas. I only really share the ones by the police, and theres reasons. The person may not wish to be found. Example.
I shall call her Hanna, it isnt her name though. Her B/f died, so she left the area she was in without a word to anyone, because she needed time , in her own way, to deal with it. Many calls to find her were put out, by people she didnt want to speak to. `So it , i think , CAN be wrong , to assume someone MUST BE FOUND, whoever asks.
Ive simplified, and sanitised this example. "Hanna" was safe, she was being in the company of people she trusted, quite a way away from home, with people she'd met through the b/f's extended contacts, which He'd nurtured and included her with.
I think the most sensible thing is do respond to Police "Shouts" . Even parents shouts (i say this very carefully , too) could *Could* be problematic sometimes. A very difficult area to address.
Of course with ANY thought, theres other thoughts people have, and this is my thought on that. This is a touch upon "Paramount Wishes" as a concept

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