Monday, 27 November 2017

That one where i talk about a wedding, and fawning , and feudalism

With the "News" be careful not to Fawn . I wont be fawning . Nope. Its a verb >
(already i see "doffing of cap stylee fawning" . )
It can also be described as Deference To Feudal Monarchical structures in my opinion. And everytime i see it , its really like "wake up! What are *ARE* you actually doing?"
If you don't know that the Monarchy is a rooted in what i can only describe as fallacy, the current motto is still "Dieu et mon droit" (God and my right) look deeper. Look up Divine Right Of Kings. The political structure still defers to allow continuation of families that had no "right" in the first place. Albeit remove the Legal stuff where overruling parliament Is now only Theoretical, the continuation of positioning nods to feudalism , and then that overshadows what parliament does to protect the Establishment.
No I shall not be fawning , I wish them no harm. I do wish though the removal of this archaic structure. And yet i have no solution. Maybe state ownership of Every Single asset (I MEAN EVERYTHING) . and employ them as Tour Guides? Not that far fetched a thought .


  1. Just been studying the Jacobite rebellion - this divine right lark is a ll a bit tenuous!