Sunday, 9 February 2014

When #earworm s get you and you research and discover more

I had the Vincent Price monologue from Thriller in my head earlier,

so being a bit <whatever the word is> i was then told of a bint he did in an Alice Cooper song , all credit to Jane.

On further action, i found an episode of something FULL of horror and hilariously appealling to my funny bone, or whatever piece of you it takes to coerce a smile or laugh from. I was indirectly told that was neuroscience as well,

So without further ado, this really "jollied me" is that a phrase, who knows, in this complex world of moods.

And therefore i wend my way from this blog , and think of "stuff" , as you do. But remember fondly my escape through releasing my mind from Vincent Price Earworms.

You are more than welcome. I thank you.

*swoops off with cape flaring and teeth all ashow*

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