Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Benefits in UK are TOO LOW

A very quick blog here.

I have multiple ills. One of which is a bowel disease.

On ESA how am i supposed to afford clothes?

I will expand that.

I have broken FOUR pairs of jeans within the last TWO months, trying to get to the place you need to go when bowels say so.


Yes Zips and buttons.

I cant find VELCRO JEANS

You may not see what I mean here.

But jeans break.

I cant afford the rate of breakage of jeans.

I'm putting THIS POST out. Because some may not know this happens, others may applaud my honesty.

But as the title says Benefits are too Low..... How do I afford this without sacrifice to food and heat?

Hmmm there MAY be a clever thinker that can tell me how. But I have trawled my brain , and cant find the solution.

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