Saturday, 11 January 2014

When Guts Bite

So at 10pm friday > GUTS WERE REALLY HURTING .

It got so I didnt know where to put myself.

Then There was: Fucking puke fucking pain fuck fuck going on in a loop.
(and the other end wasnt behaving either)

At 1 30 am. ouch was still ouch but less ouch . that was a real whack of ouch. All ouch is real, but whack of ouch was intense.

I don't always tweet/facebook or write about when guts go haywire. . It WAS a bad one. Both ends. Happens quite a bit.

Yeah so theres pain I dont usually worry about but when it was like that, it was pain that makes you shake. I was shaking. I get those pains. A lot.
I wasnt just scared though, i was FRIGHTENED.
When that happens... its "not nice"

So if i say to anyone "sorry, not meeting up , etc etc etc." its cos of GUTS mainly. I fight fatigue to get places , but cant fight the guts.

The guts scare me more than my organ damages, and blood issues and other stuff.

I know a lot of you following reading this probably DO have your own pains. I'm not trying to "glory on pain" here. I wish it was never there to be brutally honest with you. You dont volunteer for this.

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