Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I wrote this to Sue Marsh

I help people. I cant afford a working printer for essential printing of stuff. This is what doing stuff unpaid is about. Mines worn out doing it, cant replace it and wont. Cos thatd break some other part of my income . I also cant travel anymore because Im often short afterwards and have to suffer a while after. You are spot on that the Soul inside will do what it can until you hit a wall. Theres no shame in declaring that wall either. And emails Fine, choose when to answer, But sometimes your soul says DO IT now, and yet you are worn. And then its TOO late when you get to it. All those issues haunt us all. As inside we have the desire for the good that we KNOW we can do, yet are unfacillitated. And when we shed forth advice - rarely thanks is there. But we do this cos its inbuilt. If you've hit a wall, you've already smashed several. Dont disappear. 
*hides, i dont gush*

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