Monday, 13 January 2014

A Blog about NOT writing a blog post...

I was trying to write a blog about Illness and when my attitudes can change, but I couldnt find the right words.
See, Friday night unleashed some shock, and sunday I was reeling. I have no excuse. And wanted to blog about that. The words wouldnt come.
Perhaps they shouldnt, anyway. Who knows.
I drafted a few lines, But decided No. Im not sure I can describe it right.

Waiting an ultrasound appt booking, and next scheduled appt is another fibroscan. This isnt light illness, and *sometimes* it hits my head hard.

It also throws up all the "what you did before you were ill but dont do now" stuff. Thats the tough bit.

Remembering the end days of last job. I shouldnt do this .

Yep theres probably a blog there in all that but cant think how or even why I should.

So I suppose this is the blog that replaces the one I intended to write but found I couldnt.

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