Monday, 27 January 2014



Scope hounded the door the other week.
So Do you think I want to speak to them in a supermarket lobby on the way out with shopping?
 No . "Good afternoon, how are you" should be met with " I wanna get the fuck out of this shop, and back home" but I havent actually SAID that to them.  IF i want to speak to them, I will chose when and how, or if at all.

Is that a Strange thought?
Does it happen to you?
Are you much the same?

You wanna get out and get home and it annoys you immensely?

That and satellite sales in shops.

In fact , any intrusive lobbying - "lobbying" used cos its normally in a lobby/ entrance - I dislike immensely.
Its not as if you walk over to them and say "can you tell me what this is/ can I have some info,,," Anyway. As you were.

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