Sunday, 12 January 2014

Trigger Warning : Benefit related Death

Loans arent publicised, and are hard to get. Whatever the situation re loans this man was in his mind put in a catastrophically untenable position. Also with him being Ill, he mayve had no support. The friend that found mayve had no benefits skills or experience or place to go to assist as he tried to get help via 4UP. I dont know about how friend mayve assisted with the illness , thats not the issue here , and I surmise though that the situation should never exist in the first place, and every story like this disgusts me to the core of my being.

How many times must I share that everyone is one step away from needing help from a safety net. This govt deny a net is needed. A safety net is a decent human provision. I shan't rant on.

Heres the story ...

From the Facebook page ‘Atos Miracles’

” With respect and sadness we report the death of a 51 year old gentleman as reported on 4UP by the close friend who found him dead: “Another one off ESA. My friend who I have been trying to help by getting advise from 4UP over the last couple of months DIED in a freezing cold flat on Tuesday evening. He went 14 weeks with no money only to be told that his no compliance for attending an assessment had been good cause and he was entitled to his money with back pay,back to 5/10/13. He never got to see a penny. His money was paid into his bank on the afternoon he died. He was so ILL he couldn’t make it to the cash machine.
This govt are evil bastards, especially IDS. I wish him all the harm possible. 
RIP Paul xx”
Paul had worked all his life until he became ill last year. His appointment letter for his mandatory reassessment was sent to the wrong address – it was sent to number 52 and he lived at 52A. His MP spotted the mistake but it took 14 weeks to sort out.
11th Jan 2013
On the 2/1/14 he was told he would be paid. He was too sick to collect the money himself so he gave his friend his bank card to collect it. The money didn’t come in until Tuesday the 7th so tha say Paul’s friend went round to deliver him the money, couldn’t get an answer so broke the door down; found his friend lying dead. The friend had Paul’s cash in his pocket but the dwp had sent it too late. Money that had been stopped because they got his address wrong.
Today (10/1/14) the friend went through Paul’s phone messages. Ingeus had texted him on the 07/01/14 to tell Paul he had an appointment on the 08/01/14 at 14.55pm. That’s 4 hours before he died. They haunted him to the last.
This information is genuine and verifiable and the friend has bravely given permission for this story to be shared.
With sympathy to all those who love Paul.
Rest In Peace.
To all those struggling right now under similar circumstances: please keep going. We communities coming together (usually online) are never giving up. Our jobs are to endure so we can bear witness and (when health allows) to speak, change injustice and keep alight what we know is Right and Just. We Shall Overcome. Love, Atos Miracles

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  1. This is so sad it breaks my heart to think of this poor man's last days cold and lonely and to ill to fight any longer a system which is so flawed making serious ill folk jump through hoops because some idiot belives a Doctors word or appraisal is not good enough!
    My heart breaks for this man I can't emphise this enough! and how many others are facing a bleak future, there only crime is getting ill.
    Prisoners get treated better!!!!
    RIP now Paul !