Tuesday, 7 January 2014

PANIC BUTTON? I helped someone who didnt have a landline...

I was talking with someone who said they wanted a panic button , and they said they were told they need a landline, and they didnt have one. 
Not sure of that , or procedure, but found them a free and easy app for their mobile that they could use. 

"This security application is designed to be an aid during distress/panic. It acts as an emergency Panic Button that alerts your family and friends in the possible moments of danger.
After a brief set up, the panic app is ready to be used at any time you require assistance. Just HIT the virtual panic button in the center, and the application will immediately dial one pre-defined number and send a Panic SMS to up to 5 contacts informing them that you require assistance and your location on Google Maps.
A second call option is also provided in case the primary contact is not available. The application can also be used to call Emergency Services such as the Police, Fire department or Medical Services.
The purpose of this application is to assist you when in need. However, it is dependent on various factors that may need your attention:
1. The Call and Text messages are charged as per usual network rates. It is therefore important to check your airtime balance status. 
2. The GPS co-ordinates received are network dependent. 
3. Depending on network traffic a slight delay may occur during transmission of coordinates.
4. The recipient of the text message will require a web browser enabled phone to receive the locations on Google maps. With phones without a web browser, only coordinates will be shown."

The APP is in Google play store .. Link here 

If this is of use to anyone you know or deal with then please share it with them .

PLEASE NOTE : it stores to phone , not SD card

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