Sunday, 12 January 2014

You Want a Cycle - But YOU ARE ILL ???

I had a message honestly just asked me question why i want a cycle? 

With correct gears it will be easier than walking longer distances and save bus fare, i replied.

Then they said BUT YOU are ill. Riding must be out for you.

I said sometimes it would be less impact. (Yes I get fatigued, aches, etc as part of my illnesses)

They didnt understand that.

This because I repaired a bike from another bike that needed repairing too.

I took the best bits and put them together.

I have yet to test ride it.

Not sure chain and deraillers are set right yet.

Cant do that in a bathroom of a flat, can I.

Was that ableism? I dont know.

Update: tested it in dusk (still need lights, but thats sorted soon) And happy. Apart from squeak on front brake, which i can live with for now. Arent V-brakes difficult to adjust huh?

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