Friday, 28 February 2014

Rights of Speech? Opposable thoughts

Rights of Speech?

Im just thinking, on the prevalence of UKIP in the media. And social commentary twitter/ facebook and other forums all seems highly to be fixated on them when they have no MPs.
And i'm wondering if thats because ignoring them might be dangerous. On the other hand it helps their campaigning positively or negatively by bringing them to wider audience WITHOUT them having to spend funds they may or may not have.

I abhor the party above discussed.

But thinking on two levels , which is disconserting.

!) are you "feeding the trolls their required number of goats"
2) are you "enabling a voice so that it can be discounted, discussed, or accepted as it stands".

Probably theres a mix of both.

But I do feel theres rather too little focus on the failings of current encumbents , or even the official opposition in SOME QUARTERS, anyway.

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  1. I think on UKIP we have to oppose by focussing on the people who are thinking of supporting them because they see the other parties as useless and corrupt, they need to made aware UKIP is run by a public school educated banker who pads his fortune with EU money, also that their real core support is shared with the BNP and EDL. And that if you consider yourself appalled at the coalition then UKIP is not in fact an alternative but actually just the collation intensified. It would also help if Labour actually acted like an opposition party!