Saturday, 1 March 2014

ESA experience Summary.

On the IB to ESA WCA I had, I had to ask my MP to find out what went wrong with ATOS. They gave 12 pts only. Very different than the DWP.

I got Standard Bumph back from IDS on what happened. And they didnt address a central issue in my question either.

THIS last time, I got a completely different approach in the WCA, and I got support group, when before I had WRAG, AND NOTHING WAS DIFFERENT WITH ME.

So I lost money i was entitled to for a year - someone can calculate Support Group minus Wrag amounts and work out how much, I dont mind.

Well this last time straight into Support, the time before ATOS gave 12pts/ DWp added 6 more = wrag. With SAME INFO

I've done Other Blogs on The process , feelings , etc etc. I havent really summarised yet.
So Voila.

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