Friday, 21 March 2014


In Wisteria Kingdom where one party controlled everything.

There were many forms to work.
Many forms for support to live payments.

Work and support were both available, the forms were so proliferate.

And people were confused over forms and fell by the wayside.

And The Sub leader of Forms said to the leader, Theres too many supports. Lets make it ONE support.

And so many more forms were designed, confusing people even more.

The Leaders of Wisteria rubbed their hands as less money went from the coffers that were , rightly , set aside.

That led to accountant of Wisteria setting a zero based budget.

And no one in departments or advice services knew what zero based budgets were, and underbid for necessary funds.

Then there were loads of forms, all justified for either work entitlement or support.

This cloggeed the system.

They tried to solve it, the clerks, but couldnt.

The Housing Clerks collecting rent were very out in a far corner of the offices.

The people getting the one Support payment had more disposable income than the previous system had seen , and as NONE of the system provided fair life, they claimed it themselves, leaving the housing collectors short.

The housing collectors spoke to the governance, who spoke to the overlords who said collect.

The Justice department were engaged. "these people need to pay their occupancy fees" was the edict.

The Housing collectors failed to engage newly enabled populace of Wisteria and collected pittance... leading to the Justice Department looking at either mass apply for evictions and deal with millions of displaced people. Or Cancel new system.

The Justice department then said : Let them live there.

Other departments were clawing with their forms and intent to get the money they were told they should extract.

It all fell apart and failed.

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