Thursday, 21 January 2016

A portion of my ills is this bit

A small explanation of whats up with one part of my guts.
Currently instructed on 3 fybogel a day. in a week 2 another week one (Symptomatic Diverticular Disease)
Also more to fybogel than people think , it firms too, not just assists passage. Also helps clear pockets to avoid infection/tears and resultant possibility of sepsis. The pockets form in what should be smooth. I wont do a diagram.
One of the SDD things is persistant diarhoea in my case. 
Also bloating. quite a bit of bloating. And cramping on lower left abdomen.. the cramping isnt nice at all.
Diverticulitis is whenever this inflames. And it does quite a bit with me. Not pleasant. Its mainly bad in the sigmoid area.
Sigmoid being the large bit in the lower bit. Not small bit.
It can lead to serious complications that require surgery, which ive avoided apart from couple of polyps. and once time heat sealing cauterisation of a bleed.
And for years they simply called it IBS. ive heard many with more complication having generic IBS diagnosis too. 
Any way thats ONE bit of my ills, and only part of what stops me working.

Someone messaged me (Hence This edit bit) to clarify is this dangerous? Yes. In my case. I have a weak immune system because of another ill not described above.

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