Saturday, 23 January 2016

A peek into many minds

Been reading up (lots) on helping others and failing at self. That can be written many ways. Essentially a misunderstood word called co-dependence sits in to the analysis of that. I shant really go deeper in this post on that, but ive looked up where its born, what causes it, i still can only find , and hardly comprehensive, How To Fix it. Some fix it from a realisation, and that can be via others gently telling in many ways what they see. The problem is , codependents often get used, And its often rooted in how they were or had been treated in formation of self and worth. But im not a psych writer. I could write experience and where im at on it, but no ones asked, i dont need approval, and im not being paid to.
The last sentence above is VERY clever in my opinion. It describes something. Will you see it though?

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