Saturday, 9 January 2016

YES You can afford a MAC , but you may need help...

A mate of mine really smiling in difficult circumstances because she got a Mac she thought she could never have, i sourced and facilitated a very affordable working mac thats supported. AND have advised on how it can be upgraded to really out fly some of the laptops you buy new. They are very happy. So Helpy job there done. Im thinking on more of that, not got full workability of any model yet, but if its possible, it may be done again and again. The concept is there, its just even the macs i can source are probably more than windows machines. And used. But if people want entry to using a mac... Im wondering who DOES want that, and whether its worth spending time on. This isnt market research, and is probably a rhetorical post. But Macs are WIRED differently than PC, and it liberates some people that are fed up with windows, tainted by experience of puters, never used a mac, and want a difference. I dont know if that makes ANY sense at all. But if its worth it? i might be able to sort out how that can happen.
So let me know if you want to explore that. I am happy to say recently TWO working macbook pro's were obtained for £500 quid. not to be sniffed at , i can do this. If people want me to.

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