Saturday, 23 April 2016

More On Sanctions - Jules Thoughts

I did a thought, about sanctions, much a continuation of existing thoughts that I, and others have.
So here it is.

I Saw a social media plea for Razors, from a foodbank. Nothing strange , you would think. They actually appended their plea with the fact theyd had a yound man attend their place, having had benefits sanctioned for being unshaven.
Here is their message :

So i started thinking, and these were my thoughts:
Where is this young mans advocate? I'd be ripping DWP to pieces over that sanction.
On basis that conditionality supposed to be within clients capabilities and reasonable, the argument would be "Non capability due to means" furthermore, an expose of financial status and that the expectation was unreasonable around clients means.

Likewise the sanctions around non attendances? If client does not have the cash to attend, and the expectation is unreasonably shanks pony?
The sanctions constructs are all based on unreasonableness IMHO, and theres "good reason" rules, that are barely applied.
Its approaching judiciary style, without a court or defence possibility, worse than fines in courts, arbitrary kangaroo court? not even that..
The sanctions leave destitution and penury as resultant, which also IMHO is against the Rights of Individuals under Human Rights act.
This may be the most ive thought on round this subject and actually shared. Ive actually clearly stated my thoughts on one aspect before though that being that to sanction a parent, causing hardship, obviously affects their offspring, and IMHO is tantamount to Child Abuse.
So you can take what i said , dismiss if you wish, or think harder on it, and advocate, help people whenever you can.

I must note here that ive been told this sanction was appealed and overturned, but the fact it happenned in the first place is inexcusable .

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  1. Glad it was overturned, but like you say it should never have happened in the first place. Like being in a kindergarten with some bossy brat.
    I can't understand how people imposing sanctions think they're actually doing something 'right'... they really must be sad specimens.