Monday, 25 April 2016

Adventures in paying for Water

So my reply about something. The draconian collection methods of a utility company prompted this :
" I can pay the bill, not in full, the six month initial is possible
Being on ESA support Group you can understand hopefully that i have a serious illness, and extremely low disposable income.
I would propose that you write cancelling the demand for full amount, cancel any intent of legal action, & accept the offer on original bill.
Also the reminders sent? you will see that last years bill is fully paid , so soft reminders could be reinstated. "
Nasty companies. Nasty some of them .
Their reply?
"We can now only take a payment for the full balance, because we have past the due date for the first half which was due on 1 April 2016. You can still however make a payment and then arrange a payment plan for the remaining balance, this payment plan would start in May 2016.
I trust the information provided will be of assistance to you. "
That makes no sense whatsoever, as they state they can only accept full payment, but then say they can accept *a* payment of less?
I read it and actually said out loud "WTF" in full words, and the dog looked at me funny.
So I replied:
"So you state you can only accept full payment, and then state you can accept a lower payment? which is it? As this is inherently contradictory, and i'm confused. "

And then they stopped talking. with a standard "acknowledgement auto reply" 
So still unclear, as to what to do, and if they continue with this automatically theyll ADD at least £65 quid onto the bill? 

Draconia. Over Water.

It continued though with yes the six months as a conditional WAS acceptable, or even a lower amount, which begs the question as to why initial pursuit was for Years amount?

So i shed £90 in one hit, and theyll sort a fortnightly amount for the rest.
BUT THEY STARTED out wanting The full amount. amazing. Not.

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