Saturday, 22 August 2015

The One where my very new glasses broke ...

Heres a thing of what i can only call fucked up bullshit ..

I took my glasses monday to be repaired as the arm sheared off when putting them on. I got them in July these ones.
So I asked the fella look, theyre broken what can you do.
He asked me how it happened but Id already told him, so he asked do you take them off and put them on one handed again?, he already had been told that?
I told him all glasses i have had that is indeed the default way.

HE then said These ones weaken if taken off and on one handed.

In my own way i called his bullshit out. Yes it wasnt pleasant.

And i then smiled and said so you ARE going to repair them free of charge then?

Embarrassed he said yes.

Also that it would take a couple of days new frames, existing lenses swap. And that he'd ring me when done.

That being monday.

So Friday not having had said call i went in and asked where my glasses were...
The woman said oh Ive just done those.

I waved phone and said so when were you going to ring me then.

She said MONDAY.
So I said I'll have them now please, as the old ones arent suitable and an extra two/3 days wont be needed will it if they are ready done now...
And so i got them.

How much bullshit can you take? would you have been as calm at collection as me?
Who knows.

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