Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How i cook a chicken "Bosh" casserole

Simple slow cooker chicken casserole.

Really simple.

Heres what I do.

Any couple or 3 or 4 pieces of chicken (not wings)


Pearl Barley





Dried mixed herbs. I use asian mixed herbs but its totally dont matter which
Approx a pint of chicken stock

( Quantities are really up to you its that bloody easy also theres no NEED to pre brown or pre do anything in a pan whatsoever, thats just vanity  )

Re quantities : I just did a two piece one potato one carrot etc one

Chop onion&  garlic, dice the potatoes, Slice carrots -  Bung in
Bung in chicken
Bung in Pearl Barley and peas
Bung in the herbs

Add any thing you what to theres no rules. So you could add a handful of sliced chillis if you wanted. or whatever. could put tomato in.

Chicken stock.

Low for 8 hrs
Or high for 3/4 hrs

Serve in a bowl with some bread.


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