Monday, 22 June 2015

Does the Right Thing include stuff like this Mr Cameron?

Heres how my brain interpreted HELPING someone IN MY FLAT, using MY STUFF
Sequential thoughts from AS IT HAPPENED.
(I tweeted the following)

IMac on cos someone wants do an application online for something. the lappy? no fooking way. Guest account the desktop but NOT lappy.

Theyll be here shortly to drink my coffee and use my puter. Grrrr.

Right theyre here, and my estimate is 15 min max.I poured coffee. Not guested desktop, i still want iTunes running b/grnd.

Got them site, said dont fukabout. As you do. Well, as *i* do , anyway.

*No* visitor , you arent here to chat, youre here to do the thing and fookoff

They from Ashton, Know for ages. Hence permission given. Theys on way to town. To funny enuf, get a puter. So i dont mind, sort of.

You are witnessing tweets on how difficult it can be for me to HAVE people IN THE FLAT, ON MY KIT.

But i'm "doing the right thing" innit. Oh ? thats not the Cameron Right Thing though is it, so im a shithed.

I dont have Open door to use my kit policy by the way. NO way. Not on your nellie will that happen.

THAT would be intollerable

Theyve added... Can i just do another thing. I said yes as you here. 1st thing went ok? .. yep no prob they said.

They nearly done now. I'll let them finish, a coffee and a fag. Then pissoff.


At least cos they wuz on puter, dog knows LEAVE alone if on puter. So good as gold.

They said " How did you have the music going while I did my stuff" ( they just gone BTW ) . *headdesk*

Also aparrently "they owe me a drink" or something

So contrary to my being MADE TO FEEL A SHITHED as i put it in my tweets , im actually NOT. And the Right Thing Rhetoric is piercing my brain as violently wrong rhetoric. It doesnt INCLUDE all the stuff such as above, and many many other things.
Sorry, This wasnt a rant. Its reality.

Peoples' reality is often far different that the Rhetoric spewed by out of touch privileged Wealthy Family Enabled Idealistic Sociopaths .

That is all for now.
I thank you.

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