Monday, 14 September 2015

When you ask for help, sometimes this....

Can I remind people if you ask for help from anyone, if they ask you for FULL info, give it. Just been embarrassed on a help where they didnt give full info. And at crux an action couldnt be completed when that info surfaced, i couldnt counter it cos i didnt know it because if i'd known it, i wouldve taken that from a different angle and problem woulda been gone. 

Instead I've walked from it in disgust at being put in that position. That is disrespect. plain and simple.

The problem is it WOULDNT have been issue if i'd known the info dont CARE what the info is as long as I have it, if i dont have it you mess up the help completely, in a lot of instances. Its called leaving a backdoor open, where someone can enter and mug me off and your problem remains un dealt with and no further forward. Can you see that?

This, your regular reminder that helpy people dont like being dumped upon. so dont.

Next Helpy, a sofa surfer who wants to stop sofa surfing. Who Has a job.... that one a little easier i think.



  1. Yup, people insisting on keeping secrets does mess up the case.

    I've had to lose the client to get their medicine made accurate before. Apparently they'd rather have pain & misery, so walked when I had to ignore their wishes to save them.

    You can't save them all.

  2. If I don't know then how can I possibly help. Advocacy is a relationship of trust & respect both ways. I provide an independent & impartial support service that looks at all issues from all angles and then try to implement a specific plan for the individual to meet all their specific needs & requirements. If they don't trust me, then the job is difficult and at times means I waste a lot of valuable time & resources. Build the trust & respect from the beginning and then they'll know that they own the process and that you are really there because you CARE and you WANT to help where you can...