Friday, 18 September 2015

A little Blog about that word "Awkward"

Just took dog out, saw a guy called Tim i see often,

Has MS and a power chair and often stops outside mine.

He calls that think time.

Afetr a quick Hi how are you ..

He said. Your dog's called Biggles, thats those books isnt it. YES, Yes it is, precicely because of those books. Hes read them all, as have I when I was a child.

Then I asked him is it to rest the battery you stop here.
He told me his goes Far enough almost 24 hr use and lasts two days.
He also said he remembered when i had the self propelling chair, and then the crutches, and said shake my hand you can walk. So I did. He was then telling me at the moment he's remission, but a few years ago he lost use of his legs, and his voice embarrasses him now.

Other things were spoken about.

I think the key repeated question I keep asking is...
Now If you dont speak to people that you see as different to you how will you know these things? Thats a question to YOU the one feeling guilty reading this.

At one time I didnt understand what I do understand these days, but if I can I will always now learn - it doesnt end. .

I DIDNT know Tim was EMBARASED by his speech, I hadnt even noticed..
Ohers would notice, I suppose he was trying to tell me that people take the piss? I think where that was heading.


Thts all I'm gonna say on that.

Neither of us were that often banged out word "Awkward"

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