Monday, 2 December 2013

Is Cameron A Liar?

As an intro to this : Did You LIE Mr Cameron, And If YOU DID you will have your final day. You are not fit to govern this nation. 
This via Paul, credit to blog at the foot of this. 

Dear Mr Cameron,
As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, you have a number of duties as a public servant: duties to the people who you serve.
One such duty is that you ought to demonstrate in every aspect of your life, both public and private, the highest standards of honesty and integrity. This would show the people of the UK, and indeed, the World, that you are honourable, trustworthy and beyond reproach in every way.
A few days ago, you stated in the House of Commons that ‘Disabled people are exempt’ from the Housing Benefit cut, popularly known as Bedroom Tax. [I will not use the term 'spare room subsidy' as that is not a popular acronym apart from amongst members of your Coalition government]
If I may make this perfectly clear:
Prime Minister’s Question Time. 27 November 2013
Andy MacDonald: Mr Speaker. The disability benefits consortium of over 50 charities have signed a letter to the Secretary of State for the DWP calling for immediate action to exempt disabled people from the bedroom tax. Why on earth does he and his government refuse to listen?
David Cameron: “Obviously, what we’ve done is to exempt disabled people who need an extra room.”
I expect that you will have plenty of advisors telling you that what you said was and remains untrue? You will no doubt be advised to suggest that it was perhaps a ‘slip of the tongue’ and that you had meant to say ‘some disabled… ‘?
However, perhaps you could be credited with more intelligence than to have made an unintentional mistake? A Prime Minister must be fully aware of the facts in any matter on which he speaks: in such a position, there can be no excuse for anything less.
If, on the other hand, you were simply stating what you believe to be the truth, then it would seem that your researchers, advisors or perhaps Ministers, have provided you with incorrect facts. In that case, they ought to be dealt with appropriately, as I and doubtless many millions of others, would consider providing incorrect information to the Prime Minister to be a very grave and serious matter indeed.
However hard I try, Mr Cameron, I cannot believe there is any justification for what you said. Your assertation that disabled people are exempted from the Bedroom Tax is, as I tend to think you know, completely untrue.
That is an incontrovertable fact.
There have been many blatant, intentional attempts to deceive Parliament and the Public by other Ministers in your government by misuse of statistics regarding the discriminatory and punitive nature of the Housing Benefit cut and other reforms of Social Security. These reforms have a devastating effect on the most vulnerable people in our society: the very same people you promised to protect in your 2010 manifesto.
If, Mr Cameron, your statement on exemptions is truthful, I would like to be advised of that by yourself at your earliest convenience.
However, one fact that I doubt you have ever heard of is this one:
Judicial Review proceedings issued in the High Court on 24 September 2013:
R(Rutherford and Todd) v SSWP (CO/13841/2013)
Mr Cameron, if you told the truth, then you were obviously unaware that as my family is notexempt on disability grounds [we are just one of the families in this position], we have been forced to seek an exemption from the Bedroom Tax by the above means: for ourselves and by association, on behalf of all other families who have a disabled child requiring overnight care.
Curious, isn’t it Mr Cameron?
You state one thing as fact, yet I can clearly, truthfully and confidently assert that what you said is factually untrue.
I shouldn’t have to be doing this. I shouldn’t have to be stating that the British Prime Minister has made a grossly misleading and untrue statement in Parliament.
However, Mr Cameron, you leave me no choice. No choice but to state openly and honestly that you have, for some reason I am not privy to, attempted to mislead the House of Commons, Members of Parliament and the people you are meant to serve.
If you are able to utilise such a misleading statement on this issue, that raises the question of what you may have intentionally misled us about on other occasions?
If any Prime Minister is found to have misrepresented the truth on one occasion, that is one occasion too many and leaves the personal integrity of that person open to question at all times.
By this one statement, Mr Cameron, you have lost whatever integrity you may have possessed before making this assertation.
I am just one man, disabled myself and trying my best to care for a young man with profound, complex and multiple disabilities.
In truth, I expect help from the your Government.
We have asked for exemption from the Bedroom Tax yet the Secretary of State DWP and Treasury Solicitors steadfastly refuse to grant the addition of three simple words into the Housing Benefit regulations.
“… or a child”
For that reason, as I pointed out already, my family and I have been forced by your badly designed, badly thought through, badly advised and discriminatory policy to issue proceedings against the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.
Should any kinship-carer in this country have to do such a thing, Mr Cameron?
Would you, had your life been different have not fought equally as hard for a disabled family member’s rights?
I believe you would.
Mr Cameron, I cannot attempt to gloss over any more what you did.
You lied.
Disabled people are not exempt from the Bedroom Tax.



  1. Cameron needs to tell the truth , he is hiding it from people so as not to look a fool

  2. Well if I ring my local council and quote our prime minister I wonder what they will say may do it just for the he'll of it!