Friday, 20 December 2013

No I didnt say Tribbles, I said TRIBULATIONS.

When I.T. does wierd stuffs.

Why so many times is the gateway handshake so problematic to get wifi. Rhetorical. But it DOES play silly buggers a lot.
So I reboot through recovery mode, then reboot to full graphics then it works NOT YET. GRRRRRRR.
Then Thought mmmm chrome might be issue. So went open opera, But there was a cross network request which wouldn't continue, so what the fuck.
And so opera too. You failed me on lappy. Great. Tried Safari try next.
And lo. Safari worked. So wtf was wrong with the bt wifi log in journey ? Broken?
And THEN No. pages werent loading right- or at all. Bastard.
And THEN they were. Wtf. 
Nothing learnt to fly in todays episode of Fucking Up IT

Amazing. Log into wifi through safari, and used chrome for ALL THE THINGS. And THAT WORKED curious shenanigans.

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