Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Major Success - Historic. #wowpetition

You may have noticed me talking a lot about sick and disabled people and their wishes regarding this petition.

I too am one of those people, of which I have spoken often harrowingly, but certainly prolifically of late.

Bringing the #wowpetition to Parliament, to this point even,  and having in principle decision to a debate is good news for EVERYBODY, not just sick and disabled people.

Its a democratic call, and the doubters thought it wouldnt get this far. I'm glad that it has.

It is, as far as I am aware the first time anything "like this" LED by sick and disabled people has got this far in Parliamentary Business.
(Please if I am wrong check this out, I do stand to be corrected if I am wrong on this. I am referencing a comment made by John McDonell MP, he is the reference to that understanding I have of this)

This , posted by the Back Bench Business Committee, was one of the BEST tweets I honestly have EVER SEEN.

This posted up approx 4.40pm 10th December 2013 

I'm so happy, we all should be. 
Well done EVERYONE . 

John McDonnell MP's tweet thought above based upon 


  1. Brilliant news, well done everyone!

  2. Excellent news. Lest we forget: But an MP working within Parliament, which of course is not the same as a campaign like this.

    1. Judy Thank you, i think your reminder of that is great, And as you say its not the same as a solo effort .

  3. Ha! I also use the force to open automatic doors. AND I say Shazam to get the green man to appear. Try it, it works! :)