Thursday, 19 December 2013

Depression. When a window occurs ...

You know depression? You think? Heres some personal, almost RELIEF laden comments about the latest dawning of a decent window.

A window is when the clouds lift, a little. ...

I tidied up *a little bit* now cant find my scissors. TYPISCH!
*mainlines* next cup of coffee . Anyone link me how to inject straight to brain?

Tidying up in bits WORKS . Must - Keep- going - with - that. *scribbles target list on a pad*
Its a byproduct of illness that leads to mess or disorder. And it does get oppressive. And so I like when I can do at least some of it.
Im inherently not a "scruffy sod" but sometimes cant help it Because of *reasons*
I will keep going unless I dive again in the head. Thats a nasty HOLE.
Theres some I know on twitter who I know in real life who will say its quite tidy here, although not perfect, *usually*
But Im coming out of a real lowness and it was getting NOT so tidy as id like or profess to. Thats bad when that happens.
Best make "best use" of the *Give a shit" window huh?

Stay safe , all my best , Jules .

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