Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Request to Brief MP's - NEXT STAGE of #Wowpetition

If you have any concerns about, Know anyone affected by, or have been affected yourself WITH ANY aspects of "Welfare Reform"

Including : 
Bed tax 
Benefit migration/ changes/ reductions / sanctions or removal.
Changes to care provisions , without the money to mitigate
Service changes, Changes to applications, uncomfortability with current entitlement system 
Problems with assessments, delays to responses to forms, and generally any issue with current changes 
including Etc Etc as the above is not exclusive. 

ALSO cuts to LEGAL AID to actually challenge belligerently obstinate decisions that seem so wrong , all of this is part of the debate , in my opinion.

Before the next bit :
This isnt a mass email of one type request BECAUSE CUT AND PASTE is not nearly as effective as individual, personal briefings
..... so ... 

You need to brief your MP of what has affected you , your friends, relatives, colleagues -YOUR story, your feelings.
This is whether you are sick / disabled or not. Its your chance to EVIDENCE your feelings/ any impacts and consequences of what is happening right now. 

Remember. Insults and rude approach  will be binned by them. 

And you need to state that regardless of their (your MP) opinion on e-petition known as #Wowpetition, you request, as a constituent of theirs, REPRESENTATION without predjudice or reason against representing you at the debate to share your situation and ask what can be done about this. 

This needs Many Many peoples participation.
REMINDER:Copy and paste will not do. 
Remember you have the right to representation.
Feel free to also send these briefings THAT YOU CREATE to all and any media you wish, if you do that, list the media you have sent it to , informing your MP that this is what you have done. 
Let us know you've done this, and if you feel able, please share with us, as back up. 

You can find your MP via


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in the Main Chamber, House of Commons

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  1. I feel this is a far too serious matter to be ignored and must be addressed without fail. This is criminal negligence by the government and if it is not addressed before this government is ousted then I feel that the night of the conservatives losing the election they will be away with their riches from the nearest airstrip protected by the likes of some other country without an extradition treaty.