Sunday, 1 December 2013

Disability Hate Crime.

Should we allow attitudes to remain such as found in this well written Guardian piece? How do we educate people away from this? And alter the way that society treats vunerable people?
Please comment below as much as you wish, as this is 2013 and a disgusting way for society to behave without doing positive steps for removal of such vile acts...

This from the GUARDIAN regarding HATE CRIMES

The names of Albert Adams, Stephen Hoskin and Sean Miles may not be immediately familiar, but their common fate is that they suffered years of harassment because of difference and disability. For them, as in the horrific case of Bijan Ebrahimi, whose murderer, Lee James, was sentenced last week, a false allegation of paedophilia or sexual violence had become a dangerous and ultimately murderous part of their bullying.
In 2011, Katharine Quarmby published Scapegoat: Why we are failing disabled people, the first large-scale investigation into the growing number of violent deaths of disabled people in Britain. In case after case, victims had also been wrongly accused of sexual crimes. Quarmby is now a founder member of the Disability Hate Crime Network, which last week wrote to Dominic Grieve, the attorney general, urging him to review the sentences handed down to James and his associate, Steven Norley. The network argues that Ebrahimi's murder should be viewed as a hate crime that requires longer sentences.

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