Friday, 27 December 2013

Very Constant Ommisions from Media

The Media. What Can I say?

Omits to mention 11 million sick and disabled (approximately) PEOPLE - REAL PEOPLE... who may not have been able to attend the Sales.
Who have had consumerism rammed down their throats.
Even led on guilt trips for "not participating enough".

Let me expand.

Do you know what living on ESA is like?

Do you? Payment to payment?

Hardly a lifestyle choice (at a quarter or less of AVERAGE wage < this figure for illustration that its a lot less than average wage, and
Struggles with bills, food, heating, all of it.Fact fiends COULD calculate it if they wish)
Oh and we ARE actually ill, contrary to spiel from Behavioralist premises spouted as truth from the right wing.

You may not like what I say next.

The sick are ignored, despised and shunted to the fringe in this country by the mainstream, yet we are people.

Can I be any more clear that this time of year, against it being a "christian celebration" it is total antithesis of what was supposed to be a GOOD societal control and care message "of its time"

Im not religious.
But the religious Celebrate this time. And what? Provide solutions? No.
Ask each other "ooh what did you get? aww NIIICE" Consuming, not caring for people.

I did explore whether christianity was for me once or twice. I found contradiction, control, and disdain.
I found condemnation of homosexuality.
I found Professing and No Practice for otherwise admirable principles.
I also found there is no God.
For that image of benevolence is unfulfillable. Surely by accepting the god, and surrendering you will be endowed with outgoing ............

Yeah I can rant on.

But I was originally talking re media.

Obsessed with wellness and riches, and aquisition.

AND People under this Christian Government (see several ministers statements of faith) , and Monarchical "god given right to rule" nation...

Can you see this Religion thing is of any benefit to YOU?

Can you see the media bent towards ignoring need?

If so, this blog has made you think.

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