Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cutting The Edge of Community Stuff

There was a sudden flurry of activity due to activism from the community, well by community I mean three or four people who were complaining, but activism from the community, I thought , sounded better.

There were laurels cut to an approximate height of  about 4 ft along a set of back fences, after being well over twice that size originally and incredibly full of rubbish and allsorts. Two days it took to do the work.
Other work went on for another two days too.

The non-complainants (or the I don’t give a shit brigade)  originally said “privacy, privacy, I’ve lost my privacy”, but the Powers That Be replied “Security, Security, Improved Security – Visibility brings/enables detection.” At which point those acting like enraged chimpanzees were succinctly despatched into to a quieter state of being.

The illicit happenings and dealings behind the laurels, and the smoking of perturbing substances, has stopped – as the Don’t Give A Shit Brigade are feared by the I’m Determined to Do Wrong brigade, hence a sort of median existence has been achieved. That median being that the Don’t Give A Shit Brigade aren’t pestered by theDetermined to Do Wrong Brigade hanging about anymore.

And the Don’t Give a Shit Brigade never thanked me for a reasonably pleasantly presented area being created from the chaos – albeit by the contractors with chainsaws.

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