Friday, 5 November 2010

Political "Aren't we kind to People" Bosh

With the 18billion being removed from the benefits system, caps on HB too.

With cost of internet.

With cost of computers, software, stock, postage etc.

HOW many Social Tenants could AFFORD to set up businesses anyway? Most have trouble surviving a fortnight till next payment. There may be Some Social Tenants that can afford it, but surely the majority couldnt.

Here's the SPIN from the Press Association -It was put on Twitter by Grant Schapps, or one of his people.

Twaddle or not- you decide:

Council helps home business tenants
A council has announced plans to change its tenancy rules in a bid to help people living in social housing start their own businesses.
Hammersmith and Fulham Council intends to remove a clause in tenancy agreements that prevents people in council or housing association properties from using their home for any form of trade or business.
The move will enable the local authority's 17,000 tenants and leaseholders to run businesses from their own homes for the first time.
It believes it will be one of the first local authorities in the country to actively encourage its tenants to set up their own businesses without them having to pay for expensive office space.
The council said residents would be fully consulted on the change, which should enable people to run businesses ranging from web design to being full-time sellers on eBay.
But people will be prevented from setting up businesses that would have a negative impact on their neighbours, such as fast food outlets or motorbike repairs.
Stephen Greenhalgh, leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, who set up a medical education and publishing company with his father, said: "I started my own business and know how hard you have to work to get it off the ground and keep it viable.
"We want to sweep away the barmy rules that hinder council tenants.
"Our proposals will set every entrepreneur, from the teenage computer whizz to the grandparent who makes exquisite crafts, free to plot a path to business success from the comfort of their own living room."
Housing Minister Grant Shapps said: "I want all social tenants with the ambition, drive and vision to set up their own businesses to be given all the help they need to do so."

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