Monday, 22 November 2010

How Long To Prosecute in The UK for Safety Errors?

The Public often criticise lack of prosecution, and the time it takes. Here's an example of a relatively simple case: 

The Health and Safety Executive Released this information on 19th November 2010
I thought that the poor driver should have the right to be read about in many places, and for people to remember what may look silly, can be potentially serious. And how long things get to be solved or resolved sometimes...
I have nothing to do with the HSE, and post this as a point of interest:
SOUTHERN GAS NETWORKS has been fined £20,000 after a car flipped on its side when it hit a metal plate during road works.
The Health and Safety Executive prosecuted them following the incident on the Isle of Wight.
During road works on Foreland Road, Bembridge on 2 April 2008, workers lifted a large metal road plate using an excavator ready to be moved later.
A car hit the plate flipping on its side, leaving the driver with severe bruising. The driver had to be cut from the car by the fire service following the incident and the car was written off.
The company pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 37(3) of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 at a previous hearing.
An investigation by HSE found that the 2.5 metre-long plate, used to cover trenches in the road, had been raised six to eight inches from the ground, to make it easier to be collected later.
The investigation found that the road plate was protruding around two feet beyond a line of parked cars into oncoming traffic when the car hit it.
HSE Inspector Jane Beckmann said:"The driver suffered severe bruising and longer lasting ill health effects as a result of this incident which could easily have been avoided.
"Southern Gas Networks had a duty to adequately protect road users when it moved the metal plate, and it failed to plan the work effectively. This meant that motorists were put in danger.
"All companies must remember that they have a responsibility to protect not only their own staff, but also members of the public when they carry out work."
Southern Gas Networks plc was also ordered to pay costs of £13,523.
But Should it take that long? Should it happen in the first place?
I thought I would share something that I am a little bit interested in. After all , safety is all of our concerns? 

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