Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A comment I made on Billy Bragg's Website

Jules says:
*huge amount of applause until my hands are sore and cant applaud no more*
The how long is it before thing…..
Its not just the students…
Then let me say that unrest is happening RIGHT now across thousands upon thousands of people in social housing, and those in private rental – who for years have been squashed and disadvantaged by extremely wealthy politicians and financial institutions that wish to milk the social aphids (social aphids is something i just coined, don’t know if ever used before).
I wouldnt consider myself as an aphid, or anyone else either, that these arrogant army ants can nurture to a minimal existence level and milk consistently till death.
The level playing field is that we are all human, and yet these Hugely priviledged groups of power hungry people still step on people wanting to survive at a fraction of the level these , dare I say Autocrats, live at. A decent life is asked for, and indeed due for ALL
Am I making sense.
Wait for the Welfare reform demonstrations and we shall see a huge change in society. OR WILL WE. Will there be any? are people going to be so interested in where their next rent payment will come from, or their next loaf of bread that they wont have time to say enough is enough?
Oh and as for the tuition fees?
Cameron and Clegg between them owe the Country about £80 grand can we have THEIR payment for THEIR degrees? (oh I forgot, theirs were free)

And so bloggers and tweeters, I DO love you all, and I deeply care about people having really fair lifestyles.
I thank you

After a few comments the next thing was...

Jules says:
All valid. It starts with people actually understanding they are being placed into a position by law that makes them not able to speak or represent themselves.
A blind acceptance of law change, made by millionaires, which the change wont affect, leaves General people impotent to respond.
That cannot continue.


  1. Prologue, epilogue, postscript who cares. LOL

  2. OH by the way- click the YELLOW writing you get to the site. I'm good like that.

  3. given the recent revelations about institutional child abuse, the loss of faith in the BBC (many people i speak to dont like the fact that mcalpine has been paid 185k for NOT having his name mentioned in the allegations of sexual abuse by newsnight/messham, many would like to see the licence abolished as a result).

    its all a bit sickening really.