Monday, 1 November 2010

Augmented Reality

Found this interesting piece, you all may like it:

4 Things You Should Know About Augmented Reality

28 October, 2010, by Desire Althow        IT Portal
Augmented Reality is the process by which the components in the real world are combined (or augmented) with virtual elements to deliver an alternative reality and here are five interesting titbits to know about AR.
The term was first coined back in 1990 by an employee of Boeing, a company which extensively used AR technology in HUD (head-up displays) in aircrafts where its ability to allow pilots to view complex data on terrain proved invaluable.
Augmented reality has taken off (pun intended) with the help of apps that have flooded the market for various mobile platforms  and which rely on the handsets ability to superimpose virtual data with the real world by using compass, sensors, camera or even the GPS system.
Another market that is set to make good use of augmented reality is the gaming market with a number of publishers having already confirmed that they will be making good use of the forthcoming Playstation Move and the Xbox Kinect to allow gamers to blend virtual decors with their very real laminated floors.

And if you want to experience augmented reality on the move and hands-free, telecommunications giant NTT Docomo and Olympus have showcased a prototype that allows the user to display data on any glasses without getting too distracting.
A more recent application of augmented reality has been to find a more creative way of presenting a traditional CV; sprucing it up with (virtual) multimedia elements to attract the attention of employers out there.

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Astounded !
The Head up display thing is something I worked with at a Company when I was between 18-20 years old, and the idea that this is now looking like you can use the same ideas on Glasses, in the real world, and not just Sci-fi is absolutely AMAZING


Added later:22nd January 2011Thanks to a twitter post from @TomChatfield

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