Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Its getting Cold- Extra Care needed...

I put stuff in a local newsletter I edit, and the theme is continuing in many places.
I've just seen the info I include here and its BASICALLY unchanged, but I've highlighted some really central stuff...
As temperatures in places around the Country are forecast to dip below freezing tonight and across the week,the Department of Health is warning for us to remember the needs of friends, elderly relatives and neighbours who could be at risk.
Official figures from the Office of National Statistics today demonstrate the deadly impact that cold weather can have, especially on older people during winter. They show that, last year, there were an estimated 25,400 excess deaths mostly linked to circulatory and respiratory diseases.
Following a few basic principles,they say,can make a big difference to the safety and wellbeing of those at risk.
  • Measures include checking on them to make sure they are safe and well,
  • making sure they’re warm enough, especially at night; 
  • and stocking up on food and medicines.

Information to help vulnerable people keep warm and keep well, will be made available to GP surgeries and local organisations.
The Department of Health has also made leaflets and posters giving advice on how to keep warm and well available for download for NHS and local organisations.

Virtual Gherkin says: So everyone, make sure people are OK!

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