Sunday, 7 November 2010


I have a lot of stuff to deal within life,
- and a lot of people who I've spoken to in relatively benign ways on twitter.

Some are imagining their lives and creating an on line presence beyond that of their own life.

Some are brutally honest, some are frustratedly honest, some are comic communicators on lifes twists and turns.

Some create a missing hole or missing part of their lives.

And there are people who cant help but be real.

Its a very difficult mix. A complex virtual interactive world.

I have observed this, and in some ways, have been disturbed by created egos and false natures and characters portrayed. It may be therapy for some, who knows.

In some ways, however,  I have been impressed with honesty, with pleading for recognition, with launchings of inner selves to the impersonal and yet sometimes intensely personal world.

I arrive at a point where my own honesty and disclosure , even in couched terms, is then dropped within two hours from peoples memories.

There is a gap I found - SINCERITY.

So therefore Shall I be a clown? Shall I be a forfeiture? away from reality?

No. Shall I still be honest and disclose even in riddles and conjecture my innermost being?

Shall I draw close to supposed reality of the ones that appear real and yet forget me within minutes?

Is this our true human future? one of smoke and mirrors and tales of sadness or success hidden by pretences?

Shall I succumb to the mediocre worlds of Swimming pools being closed , and I just had a shit? Shall I just accept that people want a world outside their own that is benign and harmless without accountability?

Interaction in this way, is sometimes therapeutic, sometimes enlightening, sometimes fun - in other times it is incredibly like strolling into a black hole of mental confusion.

Will people be real with me? I await my experience of this world of Twitter to find who is and who isnt in full understanding that life is not a plaything, but within it you can play.

And people think i'm dumb?
I leave you with my thoughts. Dwell on them and consider carefully all your interactions, virtual or real. They ALL matter in different ways to different people.

But Make a difference. Be Excellent Today.


  1. Good post. I think that interaction with twitter should be nothing more than a light interaction. You may find a gem or two at times, but for the most part the distance to others is what keeps people using it.